Differences addendum

I’d like to make a quick statement regarding a post called “Differences” that I made a few days ago. I don’t think I was clear enough that what I sought to do was create a post from a strictly white male perspective. What I sought to bring to light, and what I believe, as my personal opinion, is that race inherently has nothing to do with an individual’s characteristic. I would like to also say that the “playful, innocent” racism that I face as a Caucasian male in China is nothing compared to the truly vitriolic racism that many people of color are subjected to in this country and around the world. 

Many of the things I said were ignorant and for that I apologize. I spoke in broad terms when the situation did not call for it. There are without question, people exceptionally more qualified than myself to speak on this topic. I apologize for some of my shallow comments and look forward to better informing myself with the help of people who’ve had different experiences than my own.



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